Don Loney is a seasoned skilled carpenter with more than 35 years experience. He has built over a dozen homes from the ground up as a sole proprietor and today he teaches and trains while he oversees key projects.


Name: Don Loney
Date of birth: 20 Dec, 1960
Address: 347 Little Ireland Road, McArthurs Mills
Phone: 613-334-0998


Don has over 36 years of experience. He took up the trade as a young man of 19 years old.

He’s a father of 3, married to his high school sweetheart, Cynthia and has 5 grandchildren.

Don spends his free time fishing mostly and likes anything to do with the outdoors.


Don knows home owners not only need an expert they can trust but they need an expert who listens. My Next Home Reno is about turnkey solutions that unfold based on the home owners fundamental needs.


Projects can run into the millions and there can be many moving parts to the intricate machine that is home renovation. Communication, transparency and teamwork are the most important cogs in this complex instrument.


With years or experience building great relationships and communication with some of the industries top supplers, Don is always in the loop with the latest and greatest materials and prices.

Don's Priorities

Quality Control 95%
Policies, Regulations, Permits 72%
Continuing Education 60%
Administration, Marketing, Accounting 15%
Project Oversight 80%
Customer Satisfaction 99%
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