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Often called the heart of the home, the Kitchen tends to be the central hub for family and entertaining. When once it used to be a functional space build for the chore of feeding families today the kitchen is a hobby zone where creativity and ingenuity fold together.

And if kitchens are the heart of a home, then you can consider My Next Home Reno the heart surgeons of renovations.


Direct Outdoor Access Gaining direct access from the kitchen to a deck/patio is a real game changer. This allows us to go outside to enjoy a cup of morning coffee and to relax outside in the evening. This feature visually expands the kitchen and gives access to a more efficient outdoor kitchen space for entertaining.
Undercabinet Lighting Good-quality undercabinet lighting helps lighten and brighten a kitchen with ambient light and, practically speaking, it provides crucial task lighting for meal prep and cleanup.
Double-Bowl Sink. A kitchen today without a double-bowl sink is definitely a pain to work with. While it might be difficult to fit your cookie sheet into it is essential for rinsing and straining.
Prep Sink Strickly used for the preparation of food and almost always quite smaller than the single or double bowl sink used for dishes, a prep sink is a great luxury for people who ahre the task of entertaining or family cooking. No more bumping shoulders in a battle for the faucet.
Two Dishwashers Some of my clients think this is a little over the top, and for some it is, until you start thinking about benefits. For families that do a lot of entertaining this feature is a real blessing. It makes for fast and efficient clean up but it also has practical benefits for the busy household that most people don't want to admit. How often are you grabbing clean dishes out of the dishwasher because you've been too busy to unload it? Imagine the benefit of not having to leave that dirty dish on the counter during your busy week. Keep the home looking tidy until you get a break to catch up.
Counter Depth Refridgerator Counter-depth refrigerators are less deep — and usually taller or wider — than standard refrigerators. This allows them to sit nearly flush with standard base cabinets, offering a cleaner, built-in look.
Steam Oven This hot appliance is gaining popularity for its ability to keep foods moist as it cooks them. It’s also touted as a healthier cooking method, as foods retain more vitamins when cooked with steam than with dry-cooking methods. A steam oven won’t replace your regular oven, though, because it does not brown food. However, some manufacturers have remedied this by offering a steam combination oven, which allows you to cook the food with steam heat, then finish it with dry heat for browning before serving.
Warming Drawer Another hot kitchen amenity for the entertainer in you is a warming drawer. Most warming drawers range in size from 27 to 30 inches wide and 11 to 12 inches high. They tend to be sized to fit above or below a wall oven. Because of their relatively small size, they heat up quickly and are handy for keeping food warm as you assemble the full meal or as you wait for all of your dinner guests to gather. You can also use it to warm up your plates, restaurant-style, without having to take up space in your main oven.
Induction Cooktops More energy efficient, an induction cooktop transfers heat to pots and pans via a magnetic field. Unlike a traditional electric or gas cooktop, the induction cooktop has a surface that never gets hot to the touch. For this reason, induction cooktops are popular in households with small children.
Appliance Garage Park your countertop appliances away and out of sight with an appliance garage. Typically set at countertop level, these cabinets allow you to keep your small appliances plugged in and at the ready, all while tucked neatly behind closed doors.
Waste and Recycling Center If you're remodeling your kitchen, one thing you will likely agree with is that your kitchen was designed before recycling and waste disposal were so culturally important. Today's kitchens really bring that movement into the 21st century with space saving, easy to clean, organized recycling centers.
Built-in Speakers It might sound like a random trend but we've been getting a lot of requests for this feature in our latest renos. With counter space at a premium and wireless the standard these days, homeowners want built in speakers. There's nothing like some good tunes while you work away.


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  • How much will my kitchen remodel cost?

    The age and shape of your house, the size of your kitchen, the amount of work required and the quality and scope of the materials and details chosen are just a few of the variables. According to Remodeling Magazine —national averages for a complete kitchen with mid-range selections run from $21,246 for a minor remodel to $56,000 for a major remodel, and the average for what is called an upscale kitchen is $110,000. We still can do quality kitchens starting under $10,000 for a moderate size room that does not require much construction. As it is with any renovation company you have to invite us to bid on the project.

  • How can I establish a budget that works for me?

    In our industry, a lot of companies will ask you for your budget. It seems difficult to establish a budget when you don’t know what it means for your kitchen. The national or regional averages, like those above, are not much help except as a point of reference. You might have your own preferences and your home is not the same as everyone else’s, so your design and construction issues will be unique.

    For those who don’t fully know their budget we offer a different approach. We believe the budget should evolve. For a consultation fee we will meet in your home and discussing some ideas, we will put together both a preliminary design and pricing to help establish a starting point. We usually price several selections from one or more cabinet lines and a range of countertop possibilities along with allowances for all of the remaining selections you will need to make. It will be much easier to make selections of cabinets, countertops, etc. when you can see how much they cost and how they affect the overall project cost. Modification of the design and the scope of work can also have an impact on the budget. Now that you can see what things cost it will be easier to establish your budget and decide what you want to include in your new kitchen.

  • How long will it take to have my new kitchen installed?

    Replacing cabinets can take as little as 2 to 3 days, more for a larger kitchen or an intricate design. If the counters can be ordered ahead the kitchen could possibly be completed in the same time. If counters have to be measured after the cabinets are installed—it can take an additional 2 to 3 weeks to fabricate and install the countertops. Additional time is required for any needed plumbing, electric or construction work, flooring, backsplash work and painting and decorating. For a kitchen project that includes construction, electric, lighting, etc. it is not unusual for it to take 4 to 6 weeks from start to the installation of the tops with additional time for finish work like backsplash, flooring and painting

  • Do you help with product selections, pros and cons of materials, etc?

    Of course. We usually price several levels of cabinet and counter selections so you can get a feel for the cost versus the quality and style that you have to choose from. Typically, we will try to suggest products that are consistent with the quality of the cabinets and counters that you choose. We will try to make sure many possibilities are considered.

  • Will we be able to live in our home while our bathroom or kitchen is being renovated?

    Absolutely but you do need to be prepared as the bathroom or kitchen will be unusable for most of the renovation. We do our best to create as little inconvenience as possible and to keep your home clean and tidy during the process.

  • What are the different elements to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets?

    One has to look at the kitchen cabinet exterior features and the cabinet features available inside and then decide on the right kitchen cabinet. Kitchen cabinets come in different styles, including European frameless cabinets, metal insert cabinets, solid color laminate cabinets, cabinet with drawer pulls, raised panel cabinets and arched panel cabinets. European-style spice drawers at the same height level of the kitchen countertop can help in storing the spices away from the kitchen flame heat. Deep drawers come in extremely handy when storing garbage bins and household cleaners. Cook pots and other heavy items are best stored in pull-out drawers. Slide out cabinets work out well for storing cookie sheets and big pan lids.

  • What are the different choices available in kitchen flooring?

    There are actually several options available in choosing the right kitchen flooring material:

    • Ceramic tile kitchen floors
    • Wood kitchen floors
    • Laminate kitchen floors
    • Rubber kitchen floors
    • Quarry tile kitchen floors
    • Natural stone tile kitchen floors
    • Vinyl tile kitchen floors

    Wooden flooring come in different forms including plank wood flooring, strip wood flooring and patterned wood flooring. Similarly with natural stone tile flooring, homeowners can choose from different natural stone types including limestone, marble and slate. Among the different kitchen floor types, vinyl flooring material is most popular due to several factors including durability, ease of installation, ease of maintenance and cost.

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